Mikko Kuorinki and Diego Bruno
Is spoken

Curated by Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas

Exhibition is supported by
Arts Promotion Center Finland and Frame Visual Art Finland.

Sun tracker, 2015, Mikko Kuorinki
Boat cover
72 x 110 inches

Schema, 2015, Diego Bruno
Glass shelf, carbon paper
16 x 12 inches

Sleep Prop (Right Hand), 2013, Mikko Kuorinki
Cotton handkerchiefs, ceramic clay
8 x 6 inches

Libretto, Diego Bruno
risograph print

Galindez, 2015, Diego Bruno
HD Video, 22:34 min. loop

The Artists Keys left somewhere in Montpellier, 2014
Mikko Kuorinki & Martijn in’ t Veld Framed photograph
11 x 8 inches

Shrine (Seattle), 2015, Mikko Kuorinki
Plywood shelf, cotton towel, meteorite, borrowed map of Luzern, lemon, bottle with water and a fresh cut flower. 11 x 17 inches

Photography by Bergman & Salinas